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              LaiKe network, leading a new fashion catering.



              OUR ADVANTAGE


              We have many years of management experience and technical precipitation,having formed the operation mode which is a set of the standardization of operation,supply chain,the size of chain and the operation mode of scientific management. It is a great scale of catering operations which is a set of training, distribution and customer service.


                  秦皇島萊克網絡科技有限公司是一家集餐飲文化研究、項目管理、加盟推廣、執行及維護為一體的專業餐飲品牌運營公司。 公司秉承“誠信為尊、品質至上、精益求精、追求卓越”的經營宗旨,經過多年的發展,現已擁有眾多連鎖門店, 成為近年來國內具有發展潛力的餐飲連鎖企業之一。

              Qinhuangdao LaiKe network Management Co.Ltd., a professional branding operation company,which is a set of catering cultural studies,project management, promotion, implementation and maintenance.Our company adhering to the business purposes of "respect for the integrity,quality first,excellence,the pursuit of excellence".After just a few years of development, and now owns many chain stores, becoming one of the most development potential among the catering chain enterprises in rencent years.


              ITS BRAND

              目前,以秦皇島為發展總部,品牌逐漸覆蓋至國內各大城市,贏得了市場和廣大消費者的認可和青睞。 多年來創立了老百姓心中多個口碑品牌。
              At present,the development of the headquarters in Qinhuangdao, the brand gradually covering the major cities in China,has won the recognition and favor of the market and the vast number of consumers.Over many years to create a number of brand in the heart of the people.

              除了這些,我們多年的勞動成果,等待您的鑒賞 查看更多

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